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Surf Board

Surf Board Information This Exercise Machine Moves Like a Surf Board A new workout involves all the moves gym-goers hate with all the fun of surfing, using a surfboard strapped to medicine-like balls with the sound of crashing waves and projected images of ocean scenes Supported ourselves with proficient amenities, we are readily instrumental in providing an inclusive variety of Surfboard Equipment Including outdoor fitness surfboard,cheap surfboards,Mini Ski Surfboard,waist pain surfboards,best beginner surfboard ,outdoor gym equipment Functions:  This exercise machine moves like a Surfboard. Approaches:  Hold the hand-grips with both hands; simultaneously place the legs on pedals. Hold to the hand-grips & then stand on the pedals. Swing side-to-side. Area: 2.6’’x 4’ Users Suitable for middle-aged people and elders.

Standing And Sitting Twister

Standing And Sitting Twister Functions:  Developing the strength of waist & hip, improving the flexibility & agility of waist & shaping figure. Approaches:  Either Stand & Sit on circular platform & rotate your hips. Area: 5’x 1.6’’ Users Suitable for middle-aged people and elders

Sky Walker

Sky Walker  Information The Sky Walker is an exercise station which delivers cardiovascular benefits by simulating the cross country Skying motion. The exercise completely avoids the impact stress runners often experience on feet, knees, hips and lower back. Many people cannot tolerate the jarring motion of jogging. Walking is a good alternative but it does not stretch or fully activate the important muscles in the upper thigh. The Sky Walker improves cardiovascular fitness. Exercise levels can be of 5 to 15 minutes duration. Experiment with various speeds and different levels of effort. Functions:  Improves the flexibility of lower limbs & hip joint, developing the movement ability & harmonies of up & lower limbs. Approaches:  Hold the handles with both hands standing on the pedals then walk back & forth. Users Suitable for middle-aged people and elders. Area: 3’x5’x5.6’’

Shoulder Builder

Shoulder Builder  Functions:  Building up the muscles of upper limbs, enhancing  the flexibility & agility of shoulder joint. Approaches:  Hold the hand-grips of rotating wheel with both  hands & roll body simultaneously clockwise or counter clockwise following the wheel. Users Suitable for middle-aged people and elders. Area: 2’x 5’

Sit – Up – Board - Bench

Sit – Up – Board - Bench Information Sit on the Sit-up Board, with the feet down, held under the support bar. Lie on your back with legs slightly bent. Raise the shoulders and upper body off the Board, feeling the muscular contraction in the abdomen and flexors. Return slowly, Repeat. Resistance can be varied depending on the extent to which the legs are bent straight legs providing the most resistance. Also, the further back the arms and elbows, the greater the resistance. These  allow for the user to gain a wider range of abdominal movement whilst  performing Sit ups.The Sit-up Board exercises improve the strength of  the abdominal muscles and the flexor group of muscles of the hip and  upper thigh. Functions:   Developing the strength & flexibility of lumbar & abdominal muscles consuming the fat in waist & abdomen, good for figure shaping & bodybuilding.  Approaches:  Hang up the round pipe with feet, crossing the hands behind head, keeping body backward to the trai

Chest Press

Chest Press Information Chest Press provides a great two side-by-side exercise stations in one The Chest Press provides a great two side-by-side exercise stations in one. This piece of equipment delivers two basic muscle toning and strengthening self weighted exercises for the upper body. The Chest Press side supports and promotes upper body strength, and strengthens the triceps, pectoralis, and deltoids in the pressing motion.  Functions:  Developing the strength of upper limbs, chest & muscle groups of shoulder & back, improving the flexibility & stability of shoulder joints & elbows. Good for healing the bending & stretching hindrances of shoulder joints & elbows, muscular atrophy, frozen shoulder, tennis elbows ,etc.  Approaches:   Sit down with back against the equipment& take hold of the hand-grips with both hands & push forward with effort till your arms extend straight. Revert slowly. Users Suitable for middle-aged people and elders. Area: 2’x

Air Walker

Air Walker Information The Air walker provides a great cardiovascular and lower body workout. This item will help improve flexibility and strength in the hips and legs.  Functions:  The Leg & Thigh Exerciser provides excellent cardiovascular exercise while developing the leg muscles. Allows a full range of movement in the hip joint improving flexibility and strength, without any impact or stress to joints & back. Suitable for all ages. Approaches:  Hold the crossbeam with both hands and swing your legs backwards & forwards in a walking motion. Users Suitable for middle-aged people and elders. Area: 3’x 4’

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