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Outdoor Gym Equipment Manufacturers, Suppliers in Maharashtra India

Outdoor gym The outdoor gym is a gym built outside in a public park, with the all-weather construction of its exercise machines somewhat modelled on playground equipment. It is similar to the 1960s - 70s proliferation of fitness trails, which continue to be created particularly in the USA and Europe. In some instances, trails used for fitness are referred to as outdoor gyms. Outdoor gyms have been used in China as a national fitness campaign prior to the 2008 Summer Olympics. The government has rolled out over 20,000,000 square metres (220,000,000 sq ft) of outdoor gymnasiums across China Currently a third of the sports lottery is dedicated to funding this concept.[citation needed] In China they have a similar survey to the Active People Survey. The participation levels in physical activity have been steadily on the increase since the outdoor gym concept has been introduced to China. Types of Outdoor Gym Equipment Types of outdoor gym equipment may vary according to the nat

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